Design Table

For anyone who values exceptional design and quality in wood tables, design tables by vitamin design are an ideal choice. With the diverse shapes and formats of more than 60 models made of 15 types of wood, you have big freedom in design. Just create and configure your own model that matches your needs perfectly.

Design tables by vitamin design for ideal feel-good ambience

When it comes to creating a harmonious living environment and elegant atmosphere, the right choice of furniture is especially important. This is particularly true of the dining room which is increasingly moving to the centre of each flat. Where once a separate room was only used for three meals a day, now design tables and chairs are in the centre of a flat. They are used for much more than just eating. We work on them, enjoy a glass of wine in the evening or just sit comfortably with family and friends. That is why the choice of high-quality furniture made of fine wood is an ideal prerequisite for the creation of your own dream home. Our design tables are distinguished by the highest quality, a noble finish and luxurious statement. They do not crowd in the centre but appear of their own.

For the optimal selection, we offer a wide range of variations so that our design tables could harmoniously fit into different living environments. Up to 15 typesof various quality wood and a selection of colour-coordinated linoleum boards on individual models guarantee that you will get your design table in the precise form and style you want for your living space.


It is very easy to configure your individual solid wood table

We lay big importance that each of our design tables harmonises perfectly with your living ambience. That's why we offer an extremely wide selection of models for the solid wood design tables from vitamin design that leaves nothing to be desired. Let yourself be enchanted by the choice of noble shapes and configure a custom-made model that fully meets your needs. After choosing the model, dimensions and type of wood, you will immediately receive an optimal overview including a purchase price and expected delivery time. Since each design table is tailor-made individually and manually according to your order, you will receive a unique personal furniture unit by vitamin design. Just try it! You'll be surprised by the easy configuration of our design tables.


Versatile design tables by vitamin design

Modern living spaces are characterised by individuality and class. Each environment differs in size, layout, features, and lighting conditions. In addition, every taste is different, making living spaces an expression of the personal preferences of their owners. Vitamin design takes this diversity into account, providing wooden furniture for every individual taste. You can freely configure our design tables and have an ideal opportunity to assemble the wooden furniture according to your needs; to make it fit perfectly in your living space. Our website offers you an optimal overview including various detailed views of the furniture, as well as a 360-degree view to get the whole picture. So we put your favourite furniture in the right light for you and you have an excellent opportunity to plan your living environment with us. We want you to enjoy the process!


Natural wood: for lasting quality and beautiful finish

Our furniture is made of natural material – solid wood. This creates a very special atmosphere around each of the design tables and radiates warmth providing your living space with a special feeling of well-being. When it comes to selecting the woods, we set the highest standards for quality and environmental sustainability. It allows preservation of the ecological cycle in production. The gentle processing guarantees the durability and stability of the design tables which you can enjoy for a long time.