Design Stool

Design stools are always the first choice when you need elegant and flexible furniture at the dining table. The elaborately manufactured and timelessly shaped design stools made of natural wood by vitamin design are ideal for any dining room atmosphere. They are distinguished by the finest wood materials and craftsmanship, which makes them an excellent match in any dining room furnishing. In addition, they are handy and can be placed just as easily elsewhere in the home if required.

The solid wood design stool by vitamin design

Furniture made of high-quality wood is a versatile highlight for living rooms. Whether in the dining room or living room, in bedrooms or even in the hallway or bathroom; everywhere stools with their discreet dimensions fit in perfectly with the existing furnishings. At the dining room table, they impress with comfortable seating comfort and subtle elegance, which is emphasised by the high quality of the wood types offered by vitamin design. At the same time, their discreet style means that they harmonise very well with existing dining room furniture. As vitamin design also offers you a choice of over a dozen different models, you will always find a suitable stool for the most diverse furnishing styles.

In addition, practical aspects speak for the use of our design wooden stools. Due to their relatively small dimensions, they can be grouped at the table to suit your mood and serve as a seat or storage area. If required, you can place them just as easily under the table, stow them away or set them up in another place in the room. This flexibility enables you to adapt your furniture to the current needs at any moment.


Flexibility and quality

You can use our design stools not only for sitting at dining tables. Thanks to their flat surface, they become an ideal bedside area for objects such as newspapers, books, a cup of coffee or a laptop that you want to place beside you.

You will find your personal favourite at vitamin design, as you have choice from over a dozen models in different designs, sizes and heights. You can choose between up to 15 different types of wood finishes. In this way, you are guaranteed to find a colour shade, grain or haptics that ideally matches your personal taste and gives your design stool a very special look. The wide selection of models and wood qualities also gives you a variety of possible combinations to find one or more suitable pendants for your dining room set.

In addition, vitamin design offers you a small selection of bar stools, which are ideal for higher kitchen counters or bistro tables. Here you can decide for yourself whether you prefer a height of 64 cm or 74 cm. The STEP model gives you the option of integrating a protective metal footrest cover. This beautifully designed option optimally protects the Design stool from wear and tear.


Easy configuration of your individual design stool

The vitamin design team sets great value on the individuality and flexibility of its furniture. For this reason, we offer you a wide spectrum of choices. You can configure your personal favourite on our website in a few minutes. All you have to do is select a model and decide on the type of wood, dimensions and other equipment options. With just a few clicks you will be able to create an individual unique piece, which we will manufacture for you by hand according to your order. In addition, you can see immediately how high the purchase price is for each design and when the stool can be delivered.

In addition, we will use a regional retailer search to show you where the nearest shop is so that you can place an order for the stool. You can also save it in a wishlist and share it with friends or contact our team via the e-mail function if you have any questions about your personal individual item.

If you have any further wishes or suggestions, we will be happy to assist you. Simply contact our specialists so that we can clarify together how we can make your personal dream come true. We are looking forward to your inquiry!


Sustainability and elegance of vitamin design

As well as the timeless style of vitamin design's design stools, they convince with their sustainable production. We use only woods of selected quality, which are used in a nature-friendly way so that the ecological balance is maintained during production. The elaborate handwork required to make the stools from solid wood also guarantees stability and durability, so that you can enjoy the furniture for many years to come.