Design Bedroom Furniture

The bedroom is for many people one of the favourite places in their home. The most important thing for the people living there is that the interior design invites them to relax and ensures a good night's sleep. The design bedroom furniture manufactured by vitamin design is ideally suited for this, because its high-quality solid wood gives the furniture a calming effect all by itself, which the furniture designers perfectly combine with timeless elegance.

Elegant design beds by vitamin design

The bedroom is the centre of the living environment for most people, at least for the night. For a restful sleep, it is therefore important to set the highest standards in this private area as well in terms of both attractive and relaxing furnishings. For this a comfortable bed is essential, but also chests of drawers, shelves and bedside tables contribute a lot to the well-being of a dignified ambience.

Whether beds, chests of drawers or bedside tables: vitamin design bedroom furniture is distinguished by its tasteful elegance and its well thought-out and ergonomic design. In this way, we create bedroom furniture that blends in perfectly with a cosy bedroom ambience, radiating tranquillity and timeless elegance. Just try it out for yourself and let yourself be enchanted by the elegant style of the solid wood furniture.

In order to offer you an outstanding bedroom ambience, our furniture craftsmen process only the best woods for the individual pieces, which they manually produce for you in elaborate manual work. The woods are treated gently and are therefore characterised by a very natural and sustainable appearance. For an optimal selection, we offer you 15 different wood and processing variants, so that you can choose a colour from light (oak, white oiled) over medium (beech core, oiled) up to a very dark brown (American knoted walnut, solid oiled). In addition, our beds impress with well thought-out details, such as a padded leather surface on the headboard of our MEA model. By choosing a warm colour tone for the leather or a wood mix for the different design bedroom furniture, you get a nice opportunity to set exciting colour accents in your bedroom.


Flexible bedroom furnishings

Since everyone has different demands on the dimensions of their bedroom furniture and the rooms are also very different in terms of size, texture and lighting conditions, we offer you the greatest possible flexibility when choosing your personal unique model. You have the choice between 11 different designs for the beds alone and you will also find various variants of chests of drawers, bedside tables or commode which you can adjust individually in terms of length, height and width so that you will find an ideal piece of furniture for your design bedroom.


Configure your bedroom easily online

To make it as easy as possible for you to select and configure your design bedroom, we offer you in our shop all information clearly prepared. Simply go to the product pages of your favourites. There you will find all important data and high-resolution detail photos for an optimal overview, as well as 360-degree views for an optimal view. So that you can configure the designer furniture easily and conveniently, we also offer you a 3D product configurator on our website.

Now you can simply select the desired type of wood or treatment, the dimensions and optional extras. After that, you will see the purchase price and the estimated delivery time for the selected variant in real time. In this way, you are always optimally informed about the conditions. In addition, we show you with the convenient dealer search, where your nearest shop is so that you can order your favoured furniture for the design bedroom. You can also save them in a wish list to share with friends or acquaintances. In addition, you can use the e-mail function to contact our team with the individual item you have configured and any questions you may have.

Of course, our experts will also be happy to help you with any other questions, suggestions or wishes you may have. Our individual service ensures that your individual ideas are turned into reality.


Natural elegance and sustainability

For the production of the Design bedroom furniture, we focus on the careful use of high-quality natural woods. This guarantees the highest quality and at the same time ensures sustainable production from an ecological point of view. The manual manufacturing of the solid woods also ensures that the design furniture is extremely stable and durable so that you can enjoy the exclusive individual pieces for many years to come.