Design Benches

A beautifully crafted wooden bench is an eye-catcher at every dining table. The timeless design and the extraordinarily high quality of workmanship of the design benches from vitamin design radiate luxurious elegance which guarantees the furniture will be noticed in every home. Use the benefits of the large selection of different designs and wood qualities, and create your own personal bench that can become a new favourite place in your living ambience.

Design benches by vitamin design: The perfect addition to every dining table

The dining room furniture is becoming increasingly important for many people. No wonder, the dining rooms are no longer just used to settle for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Instead, the dining room occupies a central place in the modern living environment which is often a space joint with a kitchen or living room. It also impacts the demands placed on the furniture, because people who work at the dining table or meet with children or friends emphasise the importance of high-quality and comfort of the furniture. The Design benches from vitamin design are perfectly suitable for this environment because they have advantages of timeless elegance and warm atmosphere created by the natural material – wood. They can easily accommodate several people at the table as well as be used as additional tray area. Both with and without a backrest, the seats of high-quality benches are very comfortable and you can easily equip them with additional seat cushions to provide more colourful accents. Design benches are also ideal to be used as eye-catchers in other rooms.


Flexible in terms of dimensions and design

You can choose from 23 different Design benches, make configurations using 15 different qualities, types and colours of wood, and choose a variety of dimensions. You have the range of length of 140 cm – 300 cm, and a height of 42 cm – 48 cm. For some models, you can also specify whether you want to configure the Design bench seat with or without a backrest. Such diversity guarantees that you will get your favourite bench in the size and features you require. If this is not the case, or you have more ideas for design, wood types or if you have any questions regarding the dimensions, please do not hesitate to contact our experts. Together we can make your individual living room dream come true. We are looking forward to your inquiry!

The Design benches fit perfectly with the dining room tables by vitamin design and can be combined with a variety of other living room designs. The benches with a backrest provide excellent support at the seat; while the ones without a backrest have the flexibility of the use in a wide variety of situations. They can be easily stowed under a table, if required, or set in a room as an additional decorative element. There are hardly any limits to your imagination in this respect.


Simple configuration of design benches

You can easily configure the design benches yourself in the vitamin design webpage. Simply go to any model and look at the high-resolution photos in detail or use the 360-degree view for a perfect overview. Then select the desired type of wood and dimensions as well as other options (such as a backrest). You have already designed your individual bench seat. In addition, we immediately provide you with the purchase price and estimated delivery time, so that you know exactly where you stand. We also offer the dealer search to show you where your nearest shop to make an order for your design bank. You can also save the benches in a wish list and share them with friends. If you have more wishes and ideas, you can contact us at any time. Our team will be happy to answer your questions and provide competent help.


Sustainability with vitamin design

In the production of benches, vitamin design uses naturally treated wood of selected quality. By using sustainable and naturally treated raw materials, we ensure that the ecological cycle remains intact and you receive an ecologically safe product. The elaborate manual production ensures that our design benches are extremely solid and stable, allowing us to provide you with a timeless unit of furniture that you will enjoy for many years to come.