Design Living Room Furniture

The harmonious furnishing of living rooms with nice and suitable furniture is one of the most important tasks when it comes to a well-balanced and cosy ambience in your apartment or house. The natural charisma and elegant appearance of vitamin design living room furniture create a stylish ambience in which you feel absolutely comfortable. The selection of the highest quality wood types in the manual manufacturing guarantees top quality of furniture.

Design living room furniture by vitamin design

Nowadays we spend a lot of time and effort in designing our living spaces; whether in the choice of furniture or matching floor coverings and wall paints or curtains and pictures. No wonder, since we spend a large part of our time at home in the living rooms, in which the kitchens and dining rooms are frequently integrated. In addition to an attractive design that perfectly suits the living area, the dimensions and quality of the furniture are also of high importance when it comes to feeling comfortable in your own home.

The selected design living room furniture by vitamin design is perfect for creating a feel-good atmosphere in a timeless style because, in addition to their discreet design and a large selection of palettes, they convince with flexibility and craftsmanship. The basis for the high quality of our design living room furniture is the selection of best woods, from which the furniture units are hand-made by our manufacturing specialists in elaborate work. The solid wood furniture impresses with craftsmanship finesse and great stability and longevity.

The high-quality finish of the wooden furniture gives the radiance and a homely warmth of its own, which fills your living space with splendour. Since our tables, chairs, stools, side tables or storage units such as chests of drawers and shelves are available in 15 different wood types, finishings and colours of wood, you will find a wide selection of colours and grains in all variants. This guarantees that you will find a model that exactly matches your taste and furnishing wishes. You can also order some tables, shelves or chests of drawers with a high-quality linoleum cover available in 20 great colours. In this way, we give you the opportunity to create additional colour accents in your living spaces. Just take a look around and be enchanted by our offer.


Flexible Design Living Room Furniture

Tastes, decorating styles and space requirements vary by everyone. The assortment of vitamin design offers you complete flexibility in designing your own personal home. This starts with the 15 different types of wood and woodworking that can add a personal touch to the design of living room furniture, by setting them to untreated, chalked or different oiled surfaces. You can change the dimensions of most of our design living room furniture. This gives us the opportunity to adapt the furniture exact to your individual needs. In addition, our linoleum models are available in contrasting colours and with optional extras, you can enhance your individual models. As we pay special attention to the functionality of the furniture in addition to the shape and flexibility, the design living room furniture has great practical advantages. This begins with the creation of valuable shelving and storage space in our storage furniture, through the individual design of backrests in our benches, to the simple combination of our furniture to create a harmonious living ambience.


Simply create it yourself

For your comfortable navigation and designing of your personal favourite item, we offer you an easy-to-use configurator. Simply put the desired dimensions and material types together and you will receive your individual single unit after just a few clicks. We will immediately display the purchase price and the estimated delivery time. In addition, we use a regional dealer search to show you where the nearest shop is where you can order the furniture. You can also save them in a wish list, share them with friends or contact our team with a particular item configured by you via the e-mail function if you have a question. If you haven't found what you are looking for, feel free to contact us at any time. Together, we'll clarify how we turn your wishes and ideas into reality. We look forward to your inquiry!


Naturalness and sustainability

Our design living room furniture is carefully manufactured from naturally treated wood, which ensures environmentally friendly production. In addition, we focus on longevity and stability through the manual production process, to ensure that you always benefit from design living room furniture of the highest quality.