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Product description

An addition to the existing CITIUS model, this presents itself as an elegant and contemporary piece of furniture. In comparison to the original model, this table is designed without aprons, giving it a particularly airy and light appearance. The clean lines and absence of visible frame elements emphasize the beauty of solid wood, lending the table a modern aesthetic. Especially practical is the frameless construction, which provides ample space beneath the table for chairs with armrests. This feature allows for comfortable seating without obstructive frame elements getting in the way. This not only enhances the overall aesthetic impression of the table but also improves functionality in daily use. The clever addition of the frameless variant to the CITIUS model underscores the versatility of this table series. Whether used as a dining table in a living area or as a conference table in an office, this solid wood table seamlessly integrates into different environments, focusing on timeless design and practical utility.
Available in naturally treated wood types: maple, beech, core beech, ash, oak, knotty oak, cherry, walnut, knotty walnut.

Technical details:
Standard treatment of the robust surface solely with herbal oil.
Solid wood boards continuous grain.
Without frame.
Triangular legs tapering downwards.

Design: gg designart